Should You Schedule Teeth Whitening Service With the Dentist?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that removes discolorations and stains from the teeth. Do not confuse the service with dental cleanings, which the dentist provides at each six-month exam. Whitening is performed by a cosmetic dentist and involves a safe, FDA-approved bleaching procedure.  The two procedures are different and provide very different results when all is said and done.

Not every person needs teeth whitening service. This is good news considering the costs of whitening usually isn’t covered by dental insurance since it is not medically necessary. People who use whitening service do so when they are unhappy with their appearance in the mirror and want to improve their smile after issues such as smoking, foods, etc. cause discoloration.

Although you can purchase DIY teeth whitening kits at drug stores, they may pose danger to the enamel on the teeth, they fail to provide the same results, and you will need to perform the service several times in a year. Visit the dentist just one time and you get great teeth whitening norco that lasts all year long. There are a few different types of dental whitening to choose from to suit your needs. When you walk out of the dentist’s office, you’ll do so with a healthy mouth and beautiful smile after teeth whitening service.

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If you want to improve your smile, you can do so with the help of teeth whitening service. Thousands of people schedule this service every year when they want to protect their simple and so can you. It is safe, it doesn’t cause any pain or require any downtime, and helps increase your confidence level. That is important for anyone. You’ll appreciate the many wonderful benefits offered from professional teeth whitening service.